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Meet The Producers Behind K-Pop’s Greatest Hits

k-pop producers

Did you know that behind your favorite K-Pop artists, there are a handful of genius producers responsible for creating their biggest hits?

Lovely Runner: Low Ratings, Huge Phenomenon?

a poster for the kdrama lovely runner 2024

Lovely Runner is a webtoon adaptation about a paraplegic girl named Im Sol (Hye Yoon) who finds a source of comfort in idol star Ryu Sun Jae (Woo Seok).

Should You Watch Win Metawin's, Beauty Newbie?

a poster for the glory Thai Drama 2022

The brand new Thai drama adaptation of popular Korean webtoon "My ID is Gangnam Beauty" has finally been released.

The Start-Up Cast: Where Are They Now?

cover for the kdrama startup

Where are they now in 2024 since the release of the show. We got you covered, Bea Suzy has has went on to star in Anna and winning best actress.

The Business Proposal Cast : Where Are They Now?

a montage of the business proposal cast

Kim Se-jeong and the other business proposal did fan fantastically well with the popularity of the show.

What KDrama's did they appear in after?

My Liberation Notes KDrama Review

poster my liberation notes

Quiet but introspective, placid but full of struggles, wistful but not melancholic;

My Liberation Notes is a breath of fresh air in a KDrama landscape crowded with formulaic offerings.

Fight For My Way Is A Winning Drama!

poster for the kdrama fight for my way

Fight for My Way is a comedy story about friendship and the pursuit of dreams; Here is my reasoning why.

Is the Business Proposal KDrama worth watching?

a poster for business proposal kdrama 2022

Warm, zany, and romantic, Business Proposal has arrived like the first rain during a drought of cute, happy stories in the kdrama landscape.

Which shows are similar to the KDrama Start-Up?

poster for the kdrama mr startup

Start-Up was addictive and focused on the lives of young entrepreneurs. Here are 4 other kdrama's that follow in a similar vein.

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Seoul is an amazing city with plenty to do while on vacation

tourists roaming around seoul happy

Don't wait, visit some amazing places in Seoul when you have free time! The land of kdramas has a lot to explore.

The very first spot to hit up is Namsan Park and Tower. If you have watched a kdrama then you have surely seen it.

Very Touristy Things To Do When Visiting Gwangju

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Need some ideas for places to visit? I got you, head straight to Gwangju.

6 Great Busan Tourist Attractions And Tourist Spots

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5 Important Things to do in Jeju, Korea When Traveling Solo

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Do not wait, Jeju is an easy recommendation for anyone! In recent years its becoming the hot place to be for Koreans looking for a short vacation but dont want to deal with international airports.

5 Important Things to do in Okinawa

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Okinawa is a group of over 160 islands that are all a part of Japan. This archipelago is often referred to as the Okinawa Prefecture, and it is an incredible place to visit

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